Choose from a wide variety of spring, summer or autumn flowers, adapted to our area’s climate. Our methods of cultivation are respectful of nature and in compliance with environmental regulation.


  • Violas, primroses and perennial plants for autumn to early spring.
  • Geraniums, begonias, verbena, trailing petunia, and many others for spring and summer.
  • Chrysanthemums, various plant cuts, heath soil for All Saints' Day and autumn.

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Flowers Description Use
Aubrieta Perennial plant, a multitude of purple flowers, spring flowering Ground cover or rock garden
Chrysanthemums Large flowers or many small flowers Used on All Saints' Day, many display formats available
Mini cyclamen Compact and free flowering variety, hardy Use alone or with other flowers, ground cover
Cyclamen Beautiful erect flowers, bright colours In pots on terraces or windows
Candytufts Perennial plant, white in spring Ground cover or on borders
Perennial carnation Compact variety, single or double flowers, very free flowering Ground cover, on borders or in pots
Horned pansy Beautiful small flowers of a wide range of colours, hardy, all winter long Massive, pot or planter
Wild pansy Large flower size (3-5 cm), hardy all winter Ideal in large pots or planter
Crawling phlox Perennial plant with countless starry flowers, coloured all spring long Ground cover or rock garden
Primrose Large, very brightly coloured flowers For pots, arrangements, containers


Flowers Description Utilisation
Anthemis Many small daisies, partial shade For pots or containers
Begonia BIG Big begonia with dark leaves, sun For pots or containers
Bidens Spreading growth habit, star-shaped white flowers, very free flowering, sun For flower boxes, containers, pots, ground cover
Dragon Wing Begonia Biggest begonia, green leaves, red flowers, sun For large pots or containers
Dwarf Begonia Most common, compact, sun Flower boxes, pots or ground cover
Begonia pendula Spreading growth habit, beautiful bell-shaped flowers, partial shade, hanging Hanging baskets, flower boxes, containers
Cleome Large flower bouquets, large plant (50 cm), sun Ground cover, containers or large pots
Diascia Many pink flowers, coral-coloured, sun Ground cover, containers, pots
Dipladenia Large trumpet-shaped flowers, very resistant to drought, exists as a climbing plant, sun Flower boxes, pots
Euphorbia Many small white flowers, compact and light growth habit, sun In association or in group
White Gaura Perennial, many flower spikes throughout the summer, sun Ground cover, containers, pots
Red Gaura Perennial, erected foliage, many flower spikes, sun Ground cover, containers, pots
Gazania Large daisy-like flowers, bright colours, silvery leaves, sun Ground cover, rock garden, pots
New Guinea impatiens Brightly coloured flowers, beautiful foliage, partial shade Pots, containers
Lantana Yellow, orange, rounded flowers, sun Ground cover, containers, pots
Laurentia Many blue star-shaped flowers, beautiful foliage, sun Hanging baskets, containers, pots
Trailing Lobelia Abundant intense blue flowers, partial shade Hanging baskets, containers, pots, ground cover
Lobularia (sweet alyssum) Many white rounded fragrant flowers, shade, partial shade Hanging baskets, flower boxes, pots
Million bell Small brightly coloured flowers, partial shade, sun Flower boxes, pots, hanging baskets
Nemesia Small bi-coloured fragrant flowers Flower boxes, ground cover, pots
French marigold Yellow, orange rounded fragrant flowers, sun Ground cover, pots, on borders
Madagascar periwinkle Large clusters of pink, red, purple and white starry blooms, sun Flower boxes, pots, hanging baskets
Pervenche de Madagascar Large bright purple, pink, red and white flowers,  sun Flower boxes, pots, hanging baskets
Surfinia Large bright flowers, vigorous and trailing growth habit, partial shade Flower boxes, pots, hanging baskets
Petunia Large bright flowers, very free flowering, sun, partial shade Flower boxes, ground cover, pots
Common purslane Very bright flowers occurring in leaf axils on stem joints or terminally. Ground cover, pots, on borders
Sage bush Perennial and fragrant plant, many small flowers, sun Pots, containers and ground cover
Salvia “Mystic Spires Blue” Masses of sturdy purple-blue flower stalks, sun Pots, containers
Scaevola Star-shaped purple-blue flowers, spreading growth habit, shade Hanging baskets, pots, ground cover
Sunpatiens Beautiful bloom, variety adapted to the sun Pots, containers, ground cover
Surfinia Many brightly coloured flowers, vigorous and trailing growth habit, partial shade Hanging baskets, pots, flower boxes
Verbena Round and very free flowering, spreading growth habit, sun Ground cover, pots, flower boxes

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