The best season for all your cultivation projects is from October to March. Discover a wide selection of plants to satisfy all your needs :

  • Ornamental trees (oak, maple, birch, etc.)
  • Fruit trees (cherry, apricot, plum, apple, etc.)
  • Flowering shrubs (abelia, weigelia, ceanothus…) and fruit shrubs (raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberry...)
  • Roses
  • Conifers (Christmas trees, Italian cypress, cedars…)

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Ornamental trees are broad-leaved trees made up of a 2m-high trunk and branches. They usually measure between 6 and 20m at maturity. Conifers and palm trees are classified under this category.


Tree Variety Description
Alder Glutinosa Slow-growing tree, prefers moist soils but can be grown in dry soil
Catalpa Southern Medium tree, large heart-shaped leaves, very dense, does not make long pods like the average type
Carpinus Betulus Pyramidalis (Hornbeam) Conical port, very veined leaves remaining brown on the tree in winter
Oak Common Prestigious tree, to be planted in deep and humid soil because it fears drought, take special care during the first summers
Oak Pyramidal Beautiful decorative foliage, narrow and dense shape, prefers deep and moist soils not dry
English Oak Fastigiate Small hardy tree, dense and rounded growth habit, rather slow growth, melliferous, suitable for field hedges
Maple Field Sturdy tree with broad purple leaves all season, fears limestone
Maple Crimson King A vigorous tree with large purple leaves all season long, not suitable for calcareous soils.
Maple Autumn Blaze Vigorous and conical shape, fast growth, very beautiful red colours in autumn, suitable for all types of soil
Maple Amur Small deciduous shrub, orange-red leaves in autumn, white-creamy fragrant flowers, all types of soil
Maple Norway Vigorous tree, large dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn, tolerates calcareous soils
Maple Sycamore Fast-growing tree, leaves with 5 characteristic lobes, rich soils even calcareous ones
Maple Silver Rounded, green leaves on top and creamy white leaves on bottom, green flowers in March, fast growth
Maple Red Slim tree, dark green leaves turning red or yellow depending on the soil. Avoid calcareous soils, prefers cool, moist soils
Ash South European flowering Smaller than the average type, dark red leaves in autumn, fragrant white flowers in May
Ash Common Big tree, large black buds, thin opposite leaves, does not tolerate pruning
Ginkgo Biloba Maidenhair tree, characteristic leaves turning golden in autumn, slow growth: ideal for small gardens, moist soil
Lagerstroemia Shrub Very decorative, pink cluster flowers in summer, slow growth, plant in the sunlight and prune each year
Sweetgum American Conical port, beautiful bark close to cork, orange-red foliage in autumn, to be planted in deep soil
Hackberry Medium-sized tree Elongated leaves, small flowers, followed by a fruit reminiscent of olives, can withstand dry and poor but deep soils
Mulberry Korean (sterile) Shrub, spreading growth habit, large dark green and shiny leaves, does not tolerate humidity, prefers drained soils
Elm Fast-growing Green toothed leaves turning yellow in autumn, a new variety resistant to graphiosis requires deep soil, multiple pivot roots
Photinia Red Tip Small evergreen tree, fast growth, young red shoots turning green, pruned twice a year, hardy during drought
Plane tree Very large tree Fast-growing tree, large strong leaves, allergenic pollen
Apple tree Flowering crab Shrub, with green or purple leaves, beautiful white or pink flowers in May, small apples appreciated by birds
Willow Weeping Tree with drooping branches, very soft, yellow, thin, light green leaves, plant in damp soil
Sophora Common Large honey tree, green trunk, small leaves close to the acacia tree, cream flowers hanging in August, does not tolerate clay soils, prefers fertile and deep soils
Linden Large-leaf Large majestic tree, fragrant yellow flowers, melliferous, all types of soil
Privet Japanese Derived from the hedge shrub, evergreen leaves, fast growth, white flowers scented in summer, tolerates all types of soil


Tree Variety Description
Cedar Deodora (Himalayan) Large coniferous tree, drooping branches, very decorative on its own
Cedrus Atlantica (Atlas) Coniferous cone, blue-green needles especially in spring, very decorative on its own
Italian Cypress Cupressus Sempervirens Stricta Forms a compact spindle, H= 6-8m, ideal for an entrance, a corner of the house, or plant in group, prefers dry soils
Pine Stone Conifer with an umbrella canopy, H = 15m, very decorative in a Mediterranean garden


Palm Variety Description
Butia Capitata Blue-green arched palms, close to the "phoenix canariensis", frost-resistant (-15°C)
Chamaerops Humilis Compact, forming a ball of palm leaves, use in pots or in small spaces
Chamaerops Vulcano A more compact variety than "Humilis", ideal for pots on a terrace
Trachycarpus Fortunei China Palm, unique stipe (trunk), large green palm, fears excess moisture


Fruit trees and fruit shrubs include all the edible fruits that can be found at your local fruiterer and that are adapted to your region.

Fruit Variety Description
Apricot Luizet Ripe at the end of July, sweet fruit, medium-size
Apricot Bergeron Ripe at the end of July, large sweet fruit, flowers resistant to late frosts
Apricot Polonais Ripe mid-July, firm fruit, late flowering, for jam
Apricot Napoleon Royal Ann, ripe at the end of June, red and white flesh, sweet, pollinate with Burlat or Napoleon
Almond tree Texas/Sultana 2 varieties that are pollinated, soft and semi-soft, several years before production
Cherry tree Burlat Royal Ann, Ripe at the end of May, big, juicy fruit, red flesh, pollinate with Hedelfingen
Cherry tree Van Royal Ann, ripe at the end of June, large fruit, red flesh, pollinate with Burlat or Napoleon
Cherry Tree Hedelfingen Royal Ann, ripe at the beginning of July, red flesh, sweet, pollinate with Burlat or Napoleon
Kaki Fuyu Large orange fruit, harvested after the first frosts, when the fruit is very ripe
Peach Vine Yellow or white flesh, small very sweet fruit, ripens in September
Nectarine Fantasia Yellow flesh, ripe in August
Nectarine Morton/Fusalode White flesh, ripe in July
Pear tree Williams Yellow or red flesh, ripe at the end of August
Pear tree Conference Fine white flesh, ripens in October
Pear tree Doyenne du Comice Sweet and juicy flesh, ripens in November
Apple tree Chanteclerc Ripens in October, Shelf-life- until December, well appreciated
Apple tree King of pippins Red fruit, crispy and juicy, ripens in September
Apple tree Golden Dry and round fruit, ripens in September-October
Hazelnut tree Heritage, Marastar, Yellow Dry and round fruit, ripens in September-October
Raspberry tree Héritage, Marastar, Jaune Large sweet fruits, varieties that produce fruits all summer long
Gooseberry tree Bunch Varieties with small or large grains, white or red
Blackcurrant tree Black Small, slightly acidic grains
Mulberry tree Without thorns Big and very tasty, to be trained, very productive


Shrubs include all flowering plants, hedges, perennials and roses.

Shrub/Rose Variety Description
Abelia Grandiflora Evergreen, green leaves, small white flowers in July-August, H= 2m, trim the long stalks that appear at the end of spring, sun exposure
Abelia Kaleidoscope Evergreen, variegated green and yellow leaves, small white flowers in July August, H = 1.50m, prune to make it uniform in March, sun exposure
Agapanthe Blue/white Deciduous, long and tender leaves, large blue or white flower spikes, round flowers, prune before winter and mulch, does not tolerate excess water and poor soils, sun exposure or partial shade
Arbustus Unedo Evergreen shrub, strong leaves, produces white flowers that eventually turn into a fruit resembling a strawberry, possible pruning in March, draining soil, H = 2m, sun exposure
Azalea Japanese Evergreen, beautiful bloom in April May, H = 1m, heath soil (to be added each year), fertilise well, shade or partial shade
Berberis Crimson Pygmy Deciduous, beautiful small red leaves, small yellow flowers in spring, H= 0.80m, dense vegetation, sun exposure
Bamboo Runner/Clumper Evergreen, dense vegetation, for plant barrier or pot decoration, different varieties (foliage and heights), regular watering, deep and drained soil, any exposure
Hornbeam Common Deciduous, use for country hedges, beautiful veined foliage, leaves die in winter but only fall in spring, H = 2-3m, all types of soil
Camellia Japonica Evergreen, beautiful bright green foliage, beautiful single or double flowers in March, elegant potted plant, add heath soil each year, H= 1m (potted), partial shade exposure
Ceanothus Shrub Evergreen,  small dark green leaves, blue blossoms borne on ascending arching branches in May-June, H= 2m, sun exposure, does not tolerate excess humidity
Ceanothus Creeping Persistant, petites feuilles vertes foncées, floraison bleu soutenue en mai juin, 2m de diamètre, exposition soleil, redoute l'excès d'humidité
Ceratostigma Forest Blue Evergreen, small elongated leaves, large round white (H =0.80m) or pink (H =1.20M) flowers, the white variety is more compact, drained soil, tolerates dry conditions, sun exposure
Cistus White/Pink Evergreen, small elongated leaves, large round white (H =0.80m) or pink (H =1.20M) flowers, the white variety is more compact, drained soil, tolerates dry conditions, sun exposure
Convolvulus Cneorum Evergreen, broad-spreading, silvery foliage, round white flowers in May-June, H = 0.50m, sun exposure, drained soil
Cornus alba Gouchaultii Red branches in winter, variegated green and yellow leaves, beautiful orange colours in autumn, drained soil, H = 2.50m, prune 1/3 in March
Hortensia White/Pink/Blue Deciduous, large, round or flat flowers all summer long, add heath soil each year, prune ⅓ in March and dead parts, H = 0.80m, add slate for the blue variety (degenerates into pink), shade or partial shade exposure
Cotoneaster Skogholm Persistant, port rampant, petites feuilles, floraison blanche en avril mai, baies rouges en automne, idéal pour talus : croissance rapide
Cotoneaster Lactea Evergreen, arched branches, white flowers in April-May, many red berries in autumn, H = 2.5m
Cordyline Green/red Evergreen, slender red or green palm-like leaves, slow growth, may be potted, in harsh winter: trim the foliage for new vegetation, avoid excess moisture
Cytisus Scoparius Evergreen, broom family, beautiful small flowers in April-May (yellow, bicoloured, orange, red), H = 1m, dry ground, sun exposure
Deutzia White Deciduous, magnificent white bloom in March-April, 2 varieties H = 1m and H = 0.60m, sun exposure
Eleagnus Ebbengei Evergreen, silvery green leaves, use in hedges, exists in variegated green and yellow, fast growth, fears humidity, trim in March
Maple Japanese Small deciduous tree with coloured leaves (green, red, yellow), add heath soil, suitable for pots, shade or partial shade exposure
Escallonia White/pink Evergreen, can be in hedges, many pink or white flowers in May-June, H = 2m, sun exposure, does not tolerate humidity
Feijoa Sellowiana Evergreen, rounded silver-grey leaves, beautiful white flowers with red stamens, fragrant, H = 2m, dry ground
Forsythia Yellow Deciduous, beautiful yellow flowering in March, followed by tender green leaves, H = 2m, can be creeping, sun exposure
Euonymus Golden Evergreen, beautiful green and yellow foliage, H = 1m, isolated or medium hedge, any type of exposure
Fuchsia    Ricartonii Ricartonii Deciduous, many small pink bell-shaped flowers all summer long, H= 0.80m, shade or partial-shade
Gaura White/pink Deciduous, many white or pink floral stems, H= 0.60m, cut flush with the ground in March and prune the flowers in July (denser growth), dry soil
Genet Porlock Evergreen, more vigorous variety, H= 2m, yellow flowers scented in April-May, pruning to favour ramification, sun exposure
Grevillea Juniperina Evergreen,  needle-shaped leaves like a conifer, small red flowers in May-June (curved petals), draining soil, H = 1.50m, sun exposure
Hibiscus Syriacus Caduc, aussi appelé Altéa, grosses fleurs rondes simples ou doubles tout l'été (bleues, blanches ou roses), tailler les premières années pour ramifier, H = 1,50m, exposition soleil ou mi-ombre
Lagestroemia Indica Deciduous, also known as crape myrtle, red, pink, white and purple flowers in August-September, prune half of the plant in March, H = 2m, sun exposure, exists as a tree
Laurel Cherry laurel Evergreen,  large shiny green leaves, use in hedges, fast growth, pruning in March, any exposure, avoid poor soils
Lavender Hidcote -
Loropetalum Fire Dance 
Evergreen, flared growth habit, purple leaves, elegant bright pink flowers in May-June, water well in the first years, sun exposure
Laurel Bay Evergreen, tough leaves, for country or isolated hedges, hardy
Nerium Oleander Evergreen, pink, white, red and white flowers, salmon all summer, H = 3m, pruning in September, sun exposure, suitable for large pots
Laurestine Viburnum Tinus Evergreen, flowering in white umbel in March, then black berries, H = 1.50m, dense, hardy vegetation
Lavender Grosso Evergreen, medium blue hanging floral stems in June-July, prune flowers in August, H= 0.50m, dry soil
Leptospernum Winter Cheer Evergreen, small dark leaves close to a conifer, small hanging pink flowers in spring, H = 1.50m
Leylandii Cupressus Evergreen, conifer used for hedges, fragrant, fast-growing, hardy, pruned in March
Lilac Common Deciduous, large purple, white, pink flowers, very fragrant in May June, H = 3m, prune the first few years to ramify, sun or partial shade exposure, draining soil
Maigrüm Maigrüm Evergreen, spread out growth habit, small boxwood-like leaves, fast growth, ideal for slopes, small creamy white flowers in spring
Magnolia Susan Deciduous, beautiful pink tulip-shaped flowers in April, deep and rich soil, H = 3m, sun or partial shade exposure
Magnolia Stellata Deciduous,  white star-shaped flowers, deep and rich soil, H = 3m, sun or partial shade exposure
Magnolia Little Gem Evergreen, large white flowers in summer, H = 3m, sun exposure or partial shade
Coreopsis Sunfire Perennial, yellow flowers with a black centre, sun exposure, H = 0.60m
Nandina Gulf Stream Evergreen, leaves with evolving colours from orange to light green and then deep green, compact growth habit H = 0.60m, suitable for pots, sun or partial shade exposure
Nandina Domestica Evergreen, leaves with evolving colours from orange to light green and then deep green, H =1.50m, suitable for pots, sun
Osmanthus Tricolor Evergreen, leaves close to holly, green and yellow, compact growth habit H = 1m, suitable for pots, sun or partial shade exposure
Perowskia Blue Spire Deciduous, fine silvery leaves, large lavender-blue flowers in summer, cut to the ground in March, sun exposure
Phyllirea Angustifolia Evergreen, olive-like leaves, small white flowers in May-June, sun exposure
Phormium Tenax Evergreen,  long variegated leaves that flare (yellow or pink green or green), can withstand dry conditions, sun exposure
Photinia Red Robin Evergreen, , young bright red shoots then green leaves, ideal for hedges, sun exposure, fears poor soils (available in dwarf variety for ground covers)
Pittosporum Tenuifolium Evergreen, small variegated white and green leaves, compact foliage H = 1.50m, suitable for pots, protect below -7°C
Peony Herbaceous Deciduous, magnificent flowering in April-May, flowers after several years, deep soil, sun exposure, pruning flush in summer (exists as shrub)
Apple Tree Ornamental  white or pink flowers in April, green or purple leaves, small ornamental apples in summer appreciated by birds, exists as trees
Potentilla Goldfinger Deciduous,  yellow flowers all summer long, finely cut leaves, cut wilted flowers at the end of summer, H = 0.80m, sun exposure
Caryopteris Heavenly Blue Deciduous, lavender-blue flowers in summer, thin cut foliage of grey- green colour, H =1m, sun exposure
Rose Bush Many varieties available, such as climbing, tree, use in landscaping, prune in March leaving 15 to 20cm of foliage (except climbing; in this case prune ⅓)
Sage Shrub Deciduous, many colours available (pink, red, red, white red, violet, blue), prune half in March, sun exposure
Mock orange Double Deciduous, multitude of fragrant white flowers in April-May, H = 3m, sun exposure, ideal on its own
Spiraea Japanese Deciduous, pink or purple umbel flowers in summer, compact growth habit H= 0.80m, available in green or orange leaves
Teucrium Fructicans Evergreen, lavender-blue flowers in June-July, silvery leaves, fast growth, H = 1.50m, sun exposure, good tolerance to pruning
Privet Japanese Evergreen, straight, very fast growth, ideal for high hedges, H = 3m, all types of soil
Viburnum Opulus Known as snowball tree, deciduous, white flowers produced in corymbs in April-May, H = 3m
Weigelia Florida Deciduous, pink, red or white flowers, very free flowering in May-June, not too dry soil, purple or green leaves, H = 1.50m to 2m

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